Norman Grubb

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It Is Simple To Share

by Norman Grubb


In seeking to help folk, I have, of course, found the first necessity to be that I have found needed help for myself, the truly adequate solution for all life’s problems. It is simple to share with others after I have found how totally the simple solution is: the living God in Christ living my life for me, I being His “temple in which He dwells and walks,” and equally He being at the inner center of all things, good or evil, “working all things after the counsel of His own will.”


As to how to do it, I find that equally simple. As I know nothing by myself I start at zero point, with no set plan or preparation, and at the right moment the right word just turns up.


Do results follow? Indeed so, when folks discover their problem to be not the outer appearance of things, but the way they are looking at it. They alone are their problem! When they replace negative reactions with seeing Christ in faith and love in all things and people (whether people know it or not!), then their “eye is single and their whole body is full of light.” I am constantly getting the thankful response, “Yes, that’s it. I’m home at last!”


I just had a visit from the wife of an internationally known scientist who professed not to believe. She found the secret of Christ living in her a year ago. Off went the strained attitudes and pointing finger. Now she has come to tell me that the change in her home was so great that her husband came to her and to each of the three children in December to tell them that he now believes in Jesus. One shock he had before he believed was when his 11-year-old daughter (who had suddenly become the victim of painful arthritis which the doctors said couldn’t be cured) said, “Daddy, when parents brought their children to Jesus, He always healed them. Will you kneel down and ask Jesus to heal me?” The unbelieving father prayed to the Jesus he didn’t believe in and she was healed that day.


                                                                                    Faith at Work August/1978