Daily Notes from Norman


Continual Abiding

by Norman P. Grubb

There is a simplicity of the life. But it does mean sin-sensitiveness; thatís a tremendous verse isnít it? ďIf my eye is single it is full of light; if itís anything else but a single sight of Jesus, it is evil.Ē Let me call it what it is. A verse that lines up in my mind with that and is much the same is in Romans 14:23, the last phrase of the last verse. It says it in another connection but we can pick it out I think quite fairly and make it a general statement: ďFor whatsoever is not of faith is sin.Ē Well faith is seeing Jesus, of course. We have the faith of Jesus for we see Jesus. Of course we do. Faith is believing Jesus, seeing Him in our hearts, and knowing Him. Thatís believing Jesus. So faith is seeing Jesus. ďWhatsoever is not of faith is sinĒ is the same idea. The moment I am not seeing Jesus in a situation, the moment I am not seeing Christ in my neighbour (as Brother Thompson told us in an earlier meeting), the moment I am not seeing Christ in a crisis, or Christ in a difficulty, I am sinning because itís not of faith. Iím not seeing Jesus; Iím seeing something else. Thatís evil. Not to see Jesus is evil. Thatís big! Iíve got to see Jesus in every one of my neighbours. Iíve got to see Jesus potentially even in the lost, those for whom, though there was only one on earth, He would have died.

Iíve got to see Jesus in every circumstance, not a single circumstance but that itís Jesus coming to me. That, I take it, is what Paul meant when he made that terrific statement around which I circle in my mind again and again and wonder at: ďTo me, to live is Christ.Ē That doesnít leave much else, does it? ďTo me, to live is Christ.Ē Thatís a single eye. Every circumstance, every person is just Christ to him. Thatís this life. Anything less than that is sin, because it veils Him.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďDaily Walk in the SpiritĒ