Daily Notes from Norman



by Norman P. Grubb

Another example of partial and perfect faith occurred when that great Moses came back from the wilderness with a commission from God to deliver the Israelites with a rod in his hand, and he went to reveal Himself to the elders of Israel. He gave his proofs, through the miracles of the rod and so on, that God had appointed him and that now was the moment of their deliverance. And a precious little, almost revival took place where the people believed Moses. It says in Exodus 4:31, they believed Moses and worshiped. Now that looked like faith. Oh, no, no, no, it was just a scrap. The very next day when Moses faced Pharaoh and Pharaoh reacted by doubling the tally of bricks and taking away the straw and beating up the people, Moses was met by the elders of the people saying, “Why did you go to Pharaoh and say those things to Pharaoh causing him to slay us? Why did you put a sword in Pharaoh’s hand to slay us with?” Where was the faith?

And the next day God sent Moses back to plead with the children of Israel but they wouldn’t hearken for anguish of spirit. Where was the faith? You see, they hadn’t the faith which had the inner witness that Moses was the Saviour, or of course they would not have moved. You see, they hadn’t that. They only had a partial thing, which the Bible calls faith, but which is not a real thing, it’s only a partial thing.

Now a lot of our faith is partial. It doesn’t stand the storm. There is that faith which stands the storm because it has it, of course, and you can’t move it. Exactly as I say I can’t move you from justification by faith, can I? I can’t persuade you that your sins are not forgiven. No storm on earth can persuade you of that because you possess it. Your faith is substantial, nothing will move you; and, praise God, so with many of us on the sanctified level too. Nothing can move us from the fact that we were sanctified by grace through faith, because we possess it. I say “it,” but of course it’s Him. You see, when faith is substantial, nothing can move you. When faith is insubstantial, it is as a morning cloud, and with the first rising of the hot sun it evaporates.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “The Obedience of Faith”