Remembering NPG

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Darrell Scott in an interview on TBN on May 24, 2007 spoke with Matt and Laurie Crouch about his daughter, Rachael, who was killed at Columbine High School in 1999.  He said…

“Norman Grubb was a big influence in my life. He was elderly when I met him; he was a mentor in my life. He told me something when I was a young man. He said, “Darrell, if you’ll learn to develop the single eye of faith - Jesus said in Luke 11:34, ‘If your eye be single your whole body is full of light’ - and see through your circumstances and not look at them, you’ll see the hand of God at work on the worst days of your life.”

This picture is of Norman with Rachael as a young child during one of the times he visited in their home.