Norman Grubb

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By Norman Grubb

(We include below excerpts from a letter received recently by Norman Grubb, and his reply to that letter).

Dear Mr. Grubb, 

In May, I had the blessing of hearing you share at a video taping in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. At that time you spoke of many things the Lord had revealed to you. You spoke of our being free to be ourselves, and of Christ being released to flow through us, so much so that we and He are one.

When I got home I said, "Lord, I don't know who I am. I can't go a step further in my life until you reveal to me exactly what I am."

Well, He awakened me at 3:00 on Sunday morning to show me of what stuff I am made, and it was a real shock. I thought He might say that I was a sweet little girl and not to worry about such things, pat me on the head and send me off. Instead He showed me a vision of myself - a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. The words that were coming out of my mouth were foul and ugly.

I was horrified. I said, But Lord, that's all I have to offer in myself. If that's how you look at my life, what will I do? That's all I have to give." After He had been so bluntly honest with me, I was afraid of what happen next, and yet I was very grateful for such a clear pic­ture. After years of wondering who I was, there was no longer a question. Yet I was released in a won­derful way.

The Lord lovingly took me in His arms and said, "Now you have the idea. There are no works you can do that could please me. I just want you - all of you - to use as I please." How exciting! I had heard such thoughts before, but now I knew it.

I woke up my husband and shared and shared. My husband has recently had both eyes removed. The Lord had told us that all that happened and will hap­pen pre to bring glory to Him. Each day we look for­ward to what He will do next.


Chuck and Bev, Downers Grove, IL.


Dearest Chuck and Bev,

What a wonderful and surprise letter from you, Bev dear, and thus from you both. What you saw at the video taping was "the truth set free," because all l do at such times is to verbalize Him in Me reality He is to me.' I'm not deliberately trying” to teach anybody. He just picks up words and turns them into His Spirit witnessing to other spirits!

What He showed you is not your precious redeemed you which is joined to Him as the new You- -one spirit; but the sight of the illusion of you still being an independent you (the illusory "I" of Rom. 7), which struggle how it may, is “carnal, sold under sin.” And He has shown you, and Chuck with you, that that independent I (which you were under the illusion of being the real you) was crucified with Christ. Now He is welcoming the you that you really are, your precious, redeemed self (soul and body), as His means of Self-manifestation.

You are His asset, not His liability. We no longer anxiously and accusingly look at ourselves as dangerous, dirty flesh,   with our eyes and self-condemnation on our easily deviating selves. No, we see ourselves boldly as His precious, perfect, body-temple – HE in our human form. We are tempted often, because our privilege is to shine as lights in a flesh-tempting world, even as perfect Jesus was “tempted in all points.” But we are not condemned just because we are tempted. Rather we see temptations as springboards for continual fresh recognitions of Him in our union. When we occasionally slip into the act of sin, immediately it isn’t there, for it all disappeared long ago in the Blood.

So we are free indeed, in this positive new seeing of HIM ONLY, and we HE in our human forms. What a light shines thru you two dear ones to the watching folks around you, as they see that you are not inhibited by the loss of Chuck’s outer seeming light, because you are the eternal light. True light is not outward seeing, but inner knowing. Outer folks sense the light, or what they call light; inner folks know the light, for they are the light, for God is light!

Ever with my love,

Norman Grubb